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The Journey

In this handbook, we have presented our experiences and helpful charts we have developed specifically for the members of MEHRAssociations various DNA study groups. But, that anyone will find helpful researching their journey in genetic genealogy. We provide short instructions and basic understandings of the various DNA tests, their results and how best to apply those to your genealogy records through Gedmatch and Gedmatch Genesis (Autosomal test results) as well as Y and Mt-DNA. Though a paper trail is always great to have, many of our Mixed-ethnic families have no paper trail to help us along the way. DNA is the ultimate proof, documenting, recording, quick reference and charting, charting, charting is the heart and core of growing your family tree.We have also presented several sample case studies to help you through the process of using Gedmatch autosomal as well as Y and Mt-DNA matches. As always, multi-ethnic research is difficult and many new surprises wait through the advent of genetic genealogy.Finally, useful guide and charts to help me understand the different test results and how to apply those to my Gedmatch match segments and genealogy. Timely and efficient charting with do-it-yourself instructions and practical applications and antidotes. I enjoyed the case studies to help me connect my MtDNA and YDNA matches to my ancestry. Johnson Willard, Ph.D. Stacy R. Webb, a certified genealogist, historian, author, and publisher, now a genetic genealogist working with MEHRAssociation (Multi-Ethnic Historical Research Association) since 2006. She is a descendant of the multi-ethnic people known as Redbone & Melungeon whose endogamous lineage offers many unusual obstacles and genealogical challenges. She has dedicated her career to helping the many and various descendants with hard to locate (Slave, Native American) and early American ancestries together through genealogy and genetic testing. Since the advent of genetic testing she has worked to develop helpful genealogical charts, documentation and Gedmatch project based on our particular historical timeframe to help our members work through their genetic test results and build our common heritage, culture, and ancestry, She has donated her efforts here to help our membership and others grow their family trees with genetic DNA results. For many years, we had Gedmatching tools and other DNA results to help us know that we were related to other marginalized and little documented ancestries. Native American, Slave, Mulatto, and other mixed ethnic families had little to grow on even with DNA results. Until this publishing, we lacked the ability or knowledge of how to apply our shared genetics to a common genealogical tree. Sincere gratitude to MEHRAssociation for developing these charts and instructions to help us grow our tribal family tree. I found the guide and membership more than helpful in connecting cousins and identification of common progenitors and progenitor couples.

2 Sec Rule Doesn’t Apply To Local Restaurant

2 Second Rule Doesn’t Apply to Local Restaurant

I recently worked at Tootsie’s Diner in Nortonville Kentucky. I received verbal abuse from the owner Janice Dunlap. I am writing this to all business owners of restaurant chains and similar business.

We are only humans everyone makes mistakes. Do not verbally abuse the workers you have. Especially the workers that actually come to work and do their job!

While working for Janice Dunlap at Tootsie’s Diner. I was verbally abused just about every day I worked. A constant reminder of how and what I was doing wrong.  The day I quit. Because of why I quit I made a post to my own page on Facebook. And yes the owner replied, but never responded to the allegations. That the food fell on the floor by her and she served it any way. But instead responded with something I had gotten in trouble for earlier that day.

These are some of the things I was corrected on. But not in a nice tone and she didn’t just tell you once. She would tell you twice and then give an example. She never said Please and Thank You. Never asked, and always told.

  • Don’t let the food touch or hang off the plate.
  • Folding the hand towels wrong
  • Not putting the cheese on the bun when making a Philly Cheese. I put it on the meat.
  • Don’t add milk to anything add water.
  • Do not cut pizza I do that.
  • Not using the fry scoop on to go fries. ( it is a large scoop and a small bag )
  • Bagging wrong and boxing wrong
  • Not spreading the pickles out on the sandwich.
  • DO NOT plug your phone in at work. Big Fat NO NO (She went off)
  • Used to many paper towels.
  • No knowing which order to make a Mexican Salad.
  • Not knowing how to read a ticket right. But if she didn’t put more than two orders to a ticket wouldn’t be hard to read. Quote from her, if you don’t know how to read a ticket you need to take a lesson. Well lesson number one no more than 2 orders per ticket.

How could any person talk to someone the way they do and still do this?

 Dropping food on the floor and re-use it?


Knowing that the Pizza Sause has mold in it and use it anyways?



‘5-Second Rule’ Rules, Sometimes

Experts explore whether it’s safe to eat food that’s made quick contact with the floor.


By Leanna Skarnulis

WebMD Feature Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

In households, restaurant kitchens, and almost anywhere people prepare or consume food, you’ll occasionally hear someone call out “five-second rule.” Whether it’s uttered as a way for the speaker to let others know he’s civilized, as an excuse to salvage expensive food, or as an incantation to ward off sickness, the meaning is the same: If food hits the floor and you snatch it up in less than five seconds, it’s safe to eat.”

Is the food really safe? Or should we throw it away or wash it off? WebMD talked to experts to find out what you should consider before swallowing this rule whole.

‘5-Second’ Research

Yes, someone really has conducted a scientific study of the five-second rule. It was the project of high school senior Jillian Clarke during a six-week internship in the food science and nutrition department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Meredith Agle, then a doctoral candidate, supervised the study.

“Jillian swabbed the floors around the University in the lab, hall, dormitory, and cafeteria to see how many organisms we could isolate,” Agle tells WebMD. “We examined the swabs, and there were very few microorganisms. That surprised me. I told her to do it again.”

Food Allergy Triggers, Common and Uncommon


The results were the same. Agle has since earned her doctoral degree and is a scientist in new product development for Rich Foods in Buffalo, N.Y. “I think the floors were so clean, from a microbiological point of view, because floors are dry, and most pathogens like salmonella, listeria, or E. coli can’t survive without moisture.”

To control the study, cookies and gummi bears were placed on both rough and smooth sterile tiles covered with measured amounts of E. coli. “We did see a transfer of germs before five seconds,” Agle tells WebMD. “We were dealing with a large number of cells.”

All bets are off when it comes to carpet, damp floors, gum, or ice cream, as these were not included in the study.

Clarke also conducted a survey in which 70% of women and 56% of men said they were familiar with the rule. Women were more likely to invoke it. Not surprisingly, people are inclined to eat dropped cookies and candy more often than dropped broccoli and cauliflower.

For her work, Clarke was awarded an Ig Nobel prize in 2004 at Harvard University. Ig Nobel prizes recognize “research that first makes you laugh, then makes you think.” Also honored at the ceremony was the inventor of karaoke music.

‘5-Second’ Naysayers

Two experts tell WebMD you should never eat food that’s fallen on the floor.

“At least, wash it first,” says Ruth Frechman, MA, RD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. “Bacteria are all over the place, and 10 types, including E. coli, cause foodborne illnesses, such as fever, diarrhea, and flu-like symptoms.”

She tells WebMD that foodborne illnesses can have varying onset, ranging from 24 hours to a week. So, if the food you picked up and ate last Wednesday was responsible for sidelining you over the weekend, you probably wouldn’t even associate the two events.

“Err on the side of safety,” says Frechman, who has a consulting business in Burbank, Calif., called On the Weigh.

Robert Romaine first heard the five-second rule when he became a San Diego County health inspector, a job he held for more than 25 years. “I don’t think anyone in the restaurant business really believes the five-second rule, but restaurant operators are concerned about the bottom line. So they might be reluctant to throw away food, even though they know the risk.”

Romaine says violators are unlikely to get caught. “When a health inspector is in a restaurant, everyone is on their best behavior.”

“If the food is dry, and there’s no stickiness to it, it’s less likely that bacteria will stick to it but in most cases we’re talking about a $20 steak or a piece of fish that’s not dry,” Romaine tells WebMD. “If it’s dry food, then we’re just talking about filth, like hair or whatever is on the soles of shoes.”

He is now a food safety consultant and culinary instructor at The Art Institute of California in San Diego. “We teach students that any surface, especially floors, should not be considered clean, and any food that comes in contact with it is trash.”


That includes counters that have been washed and sanitized. If the precaution sounds extreme, consider the potential for damp floors and what might be on the shoes of a worker who walked her dog or used the restroom before coming to work. Then someone lifts a carton of produce from the floor and sets it on the counter. Maybe you don’t want to eat food that has fallen on that counter.

A Smorgasbord of Opinions

Until further studies are done, there’s no consensus on how safe it is to eat dropped food. Foodborne illnesses are not serious for most of the 76 million Americans who contract them every year. But, according to the web site of the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Diseases, it’s estimated that of those cases, 300,000 people are hospitalized, and 5,000 die. Most deaths occur among susceptible populations that include small children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

“I still pick up food off the floor,” says Agle, “but I’m not in the susceptible population. I think the take-home message is that floors are generally clean but if there are microorganisms present, they will transfer in less than five seconds.”


Think While It’s Still Legal

Published on Apr 22, 2012 – The time has come to awaken humanity, together we can do it. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it tells you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.

We have the best tool; the Internet. Everyone of you can and should take part in it. One of the things you can do (and it doesn’t require any effort and time) is to press the share button on every video you agree with. We need to act together, and sharing the information is the first step towards awakening!

Please guys and girls, from now on, if you think that the information we post is worth sharing press the share button. It is that simple!

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Mark 14:43-52 43 Immediately while He was still speaking, Judas, one of the twelve, came up accompanied by a crowd with swords and clubs, who were from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders. 44 Now he who was betraying Him had given them a…

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