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Think While It’s Still Legal

Published on Apr 22, 2012 – The time has come to awaken humanity, together we can do it. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it tells you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.

We have the best tool; the Internet. Everyone of you can and should take part in it. One of the things you can do (and it doesn’t require any effort and time) is to press the share button on every video you agree with. We need to act together, and sharing the information is the first step towards awakening!

Please guys and girls, from now on, if you think that the information we post is worth sharing press the share button. It is that simple!

15 Best Inspirational Quotes About Happiness in Life

Happiness is not about what is going on around you, but rather what is happening inside you. It comes from within. Striving to be happy everyday may be difficult – but if it were easy, everyone would be happy all the time! We all know that is not the…

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CERT Assist Tornado Victims

News Release

May 17, 2014 Contact: Frank Brown, 270-885-1530

CERT Assist Tornado Victims
Saturday morning started like any other day in Christian County, cool Spring air, sunrise and birds chirping. But there was no time for Saturday morning cartoons or fishing at the lake for a dozen volunteers from the Christian County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or the Baptist Disaster chainsaw crew. Before most people poured their second cup of coffee, this dedicated group of volunteers was packed and heading to the Greenville Rd area where residents were faced with the task of cleaning up after last week’s EF2 tornado. CERT team members assisted the chainsaw crew in cutting up, dragging and stacking several fallen trees in two areas hit by the storm. Residents were grateful for the assistance and shared prayers, tears and hugs with the volunteers.
CERT Teams are trained groups of volunteers in the community, under the guidance of the Pennyrile Regional Citizens Corps Council, that are available during and immediately after disasters. CERT Team members are trained in various fields such as First Aid, CPR, Light Search and Rescue, Small fire suppression, Evacuation and more. On a regular basis, CERT teams can be found at various community events training the public on storm safety, emergency supply kits and home preparedness. During and after disasters (fire, earthquakes, tornados, floods and ice storms to name a few) CERT teams can be activated into service by County Emergency Management.
For more information on joining or starting a CERT team in your area, contact the Pennyrile Regional Citizens Corps Council at 270-886-9484, email to: , or visit
Frank Brown
Regional Operations Officer
Pennyrile Regional Citizen Corps
300 Hammond Drive
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
(270) 885-1530, cell 498-8533


Healing In and Out Video is Live

6th Grader Surveyed on Political Beliefs; Gay Marriage, Abortion, Gun Control

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Is the Voice of America Insecure?

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Forefathers Forgotten and American Soldiers Pay the Price

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Will Graham: Grandfather, Billy Graham, ‘is not doing well’

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Would You Turn The Light On Please?

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