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Nell B. Clark Pioneer Family

 Deadly Dose

Joab Clark, sr

Rev. Joab Clark, Jr. Father of Nell Clark Obituary:Joab Clark, 90, Crofton, Ky.Died Monday 21 October 1946 in his home.Born June 28, 1856.Member of the Universalist Church, leader in church affairs.Married Molly Myers 28 October 1878. She died 8 yrs. ago.A daughter preceded him in death.Survivors: three sons, Mack of Detroit, John of Crofton and Hansen of Crofton; three grandchildren; number of great grandchildren.Services: Wednesday 23 October 1946, burial in Clark family cemetery.Ky. New Era, Hopkinsville, Ky.Wednesday 23 October 1946

*Nell B Clark Birth 16 Jul 1881 in , Christian, Ky. and died 27 Jul 1904. Nell was the daughter of Joab Clark, Jr. Birth 28 Jun 1856 in , Christian, Ky. and died 22 Oct 1946 in Crofton, Christian, Ky. and Mary Virginia “Molly” Meyers

Virginia Myers

Virginia “Molly”Myers, Mother of Nell Clark

she was born  August 6, 1859 in Christian County, Ky. and died February 18, 1939 in Christian County, Ky. the daughter of  George Haskins Myers (pictured below) 1831 – 1927 and Salena F. Thompson 1836 – 1912.  To this union was born, Mack L Clark 1880 – , *Nellie B Clark1881 –, John V Clark 1883 –, Hanson M Clark 1898 –.  

George Haskin Myers, maternal great grandfather of Nell Clark

George Haskins, maternal grandfather of Nell Clark

Nell Clark grew up near and in Crofton as marked on the census records for the

Rev Joab Clark, Jr. family; 1870 Age: 14 Fruit Hill, Christian, Ky.  Residence 1880 Age: 24 Fruit Hill District.

With much drama, shame & claims of innocence, Nell was compelled to ingest a dose of carbolic acid. And though, with doctors summoned and tenderly attending the young Nell, 23 their would be nothing to save her, as any dose of the poison will slowly destroy and deteriorate the ingestion system causing hemorrhage. No antidote could save the beautiful young lady and she died.  Sadly, about August 17, 1904 Nell was arrested on forgery of more than 500 from Walter D. Bowles.  Initially the story was withheld from the newspapers, until on August 17th the Paducah Sun reported the girls ingestion of the Deadly Dose, however, they actually reported that it was Claude B. Bowles, the brother of Walter Bowles, subsequent reports from The Hopkinsville Kentuckian report Walter Bowles, his brother as the actual victim of the crime of forgery.  Later Hopkinsville New Era covered the story as well. Thought the story tells of her crime and horrible demise, little and nothing was reported of how, why and where was Ms Nell Clark able to access Walter Bowles account to forge a signature? And, what would cause a nice young lady, of obviously good standing in her community, do such a thing?  Nothing out of the ordinary was every reported concerning Walter, however just shortly after her death, he moved his family to Hopkinsville but his brother remained and lived out his life, as had his previous forefather in Crofton. Both Walter & Claude were married, and lived within only a mile of Ms. Clark’s home. Why did she move herself to Hopkinsville and attain a job, of which her parents reported was over a scorned love affair? It’s all curios in deed. We pray sympathy upon the young lady from our Father in Heaven, for the acts of suicide, and hope that she might have found peace from her tormented affair.

The Headlines Read

*****forgery and suicide bowles copy

Deadly Dose!  Ms Nell Clark seeks to end her troubles with poisoning. Swallowed corrosive sublimate because she was arrested for forgery. Ms Nell Clark of this city made a desperate attempt in Crofton Tueday Morning. Took a large dose of sublimate which may yet cause her death. Ms Clark is a pretty young women who came from her home at Crofton and secured employment in the city. She had been a telephone girl and  a cashier in several stores. Recently she was a cashier in Richardson’s meat market. On Aug 8th Ms Clark drew a check on the account of Claude B. Bowles Walter Bowles of Crofton for 550.00 Mr Bowles was in the bank last Saturday and examined the check and announced it forgery. Another check for 30.00 drawn sometime before was also repudiated Ms. Clark had gone to her home and Sheriff Liam Davis went to Croton and brought her to this city. She produced over 500.000 dollars of the money and her parents made good for the rest and the matter dropped. The girl, it is said claimed to have written authority to sign his name on the check. After this unpleasant experience Ms Clark returned to the home of her father Joab Clark near Crofton in great mental distress over the disgrace all though the matter had been kept from public prints. on Thursday she was detected trying to take a dose of carbolic acid. Tuesday having watched for a favorable opportunity she swallowed the corrosive sublimate and then notified her parents that she had take n the poison. As quickly as possible A.A. Hendrix, Eugene Croft and Paul Keith were called in and one or more of the doctors have remain at her bedside. Emetics an anecdote were given and she was kept alive by stimulants. All day Tuesday and Wen she lingered suffering hemorrhages and apparently in a hopeless state. She was still alive yesterday evening and the doctors more hopeful. She is conscious and is still brooding over the disgrace and said she is not sorry she took the drug. Claude B Walter Bowles is the son of a prominent Crofton land owner who recently sold a large tract of land and gave each of his 6 children 3000 of the money. Claude B. Walter Bowles deposited his share here and this money is the funds the girl check on. Ms Clark is a 23 year old and very pretty girl she is the granddaughter of Esq. Geo. H. Myers one of the leading citizens of North Christian and the late Rev Joab Clark. The noted Universalist preacher, she may have many relatives in the county all prominent and influential.

j clark place cemetery

Survey Plat of Joab Clark, Jr. Farm near Crofton. Please click and then click again for easier viewing.The famil residence 1900 Joab, Jr. Age: 44 Magisterial District 8, Crofton (East & South Part), Christian Co., their residence  1900 Age: 44 Magisterial District 8, Crofton (East & South Part), Christian, Ky Residence 1920 Age: 64 Crofton, Christian, Kentucky

Ms Nell Clark died Sat about noon


She succeeded in the effort to end her troubles in death

Ms Nell Clark a pretty Crofton girl who took a fearful supplement Tuesday with suicidal intent lingered until  Sat at 12:30pm. when death ended her suffering. Her physicians held out no hope for her recovery from the first. Her intestines are fearfully burned and hemorrhages showed she had hopeless conditioned from the fiery poison. On Friday she began to grow rapidly worse and continued to sink to the end. Her burial took place Sunday and she was laid to rest in the country home she left a few years ago to come to this city. She was 23 years old

Ms Nell Clark’s father Joab Clark, Jr. was the son of  Reverend Joab Clark, Sr. born 23 Jul 1807 in Ky and died 23 JAN 1882 in Hopkinsville, Christian, Ky. Rev Joab Clark, Sr. was the organizer of the Universalist church in Kentucky and the first church organized in Crofton, city proper and Nancy B. Brasher (headstone picture below), 1809 – 1837 the daughter of Thomas Brasher born 1773 in

Nancy B Brasher headstone

Nancy B. Brasher paternal great grandmother of Nell Clark

Chatham, Chatham, North Carolina, died 7 Sep 1852 in , Christian, Ky. Catherine Croft, born 1778 and died 1852 the Daughter of Frederick Croft, 1745-1805 and, the aunt of Crofton founding father of James E. Croft. A study of this family can be found in the VOL 1 Issue 1 of the Crofton Connection.

Reverend Joab Clark, Sr. the son of Joseph Clark, 1759 – 1851 and Mary Ann Golden,Joab Clark Sr 1776 – 1838 Joab Married (1) Elizabeth Brasher, 1809 – 1837 To this union was born the following children G.G. Clark, H.B. Clark, Harriet Clark, Sabastion Streeter Clark, Volney Columbus Clark 1832 – 1897, Aurelia Clark 1835 – 1904 Reverend Joab Clark, Sr. next married (2) Mary A Brasher, 1820 – 1852 To this union the following children were born; Victoria Clark, Albert H. Clark Col. 1839 – 1899, Elizabeth Clark, 1843 – 1901, Nancy Ellen Clark, 1847 – 1932, Josephine “Josie” Clark, 1849 – 1876. Reverend Joab Clark, Sr. next married (3) Nancy B Brasher, 1822 – 1900, To this union the following children were born; Joab Jr Clark 1856 – 1946, Mary “Mollie” Clark, 1860 – 1941.

All three wives of Reverend Joab Clark, Sr., were the daughters of Thomas Brasher “Brazier” born 1773 in Chatham, Chatham, NC, Death 7 Sep 1852 in , Christian, Kentucky, the son of  Aquilla Brazier born 28 Jul 1740 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland and died, 1808 in S.C.. and Catherine Croft VOL 1 Issue 1 of the Crofton Connection. 

Consolation Universalist Church, “Christian County” Kentucky

The Consolation Church was one of the first Universalist churches in the west of the pre-1830s. The church in the home by a traveling universalist minister – who was not ordained by the Universalists, but apparently by the frontier branch of what is now the Church of the Brethren. The church apparently officially affliated with the Universalists around 1835. (if we are to believe the 19th century registers)
In northwest Christian County, Kentucky – 8 miles from Hopkinsville, Ky – on the current Dawson Springs Road.
Consolation Church- 16 May 1819- circa 1940s or 1950s
house church 1819- 1840, first building 1840-1870, second building 1870-1917, third building 1917- torn down c1972
1885 had 175 members
A historic marker placed as the first Universalist Church west of the Allegheny Mountains. N 37° 01.812 W 087° 34.896 16S E 448271 N 4098380
Consolation School c1912 – 1940s high school and grade school
church was founded by William Lowe, an Universal Redemption minister.
It originally met in the home of James E. Clark (1770-1841).
While the Clark family was from Virginia, James and his brother Jonathan lived in the
Pendleton district of South Carolina in the 1790s (apparently in Anderson County).
Rev. Joab Clark (1807-1882) was a native of Christian County, ordained in 1835, was the regular preacher at Consolation from 1833 to 1882, replacing William Lowe.
His son Hosea Ballou Clark (1834-1913) was a member of the Universalist Church, and
a Republican state Representative in 1885. His wife was a Methodist. Hosea was the President of the Kentucky Universalist Convention in 1893.
Joab “Joe” Clark Junior (1856-1946) son of Rev Joab, active in the Universalist Church.
Hosea’s son, Claude R. Clark (1870-1943), was also an Universalist. His wife was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterians. Claude owned 6 grocery stores in the Hopkinsville area.
The church was still active in the mid1930s (leaders include Pool and McCord).
it was apparently gone by the time of the consolidation of Universalists and Unitarians.
At one time, there were apparently at least three Universalist Churches in Christian County.

 To be continued..VOL 1 Issue 3 March including hand drawn maps of the Reverend Joab Clark Farm and cemetery near Pembroke, and lots more pictures! Feature genealogy of Walter D Bowles and his ancestry from Irish Indentured Immigrant Servant (Conviction papers)….Coming soon! Watch for printed copies at participating Crofton Locations and online version March 1, 2014!








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