Sunshine Is Free

Solar Power “Fixes” Energy Costs: The cost of sunshine is free. While the sun rises every morning, the cost of sunshine does not. Utility rates, on the other SunshinePichand, tend to rise steadily in cost. So, the value of your savings from a solar system are likely to increase as time goes on. If you are on a fixed income (e.g. nearing or in retirement) this may be of particular interest to you. Many people dream of solar-electric power for their homes, but can’t afford whole-house systems. Here’s an affordable, entry-level system with which you can have fun and get to know the basics of solar power. This setup, built with a small photovoltaic (PV) panel, one battery and low-power direct current (DC) lighting fixtures, can bring solar lighting into your home or remote locations. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can install it yourself. Click Here! Or, you can scan the barcode above with your smart phone! This is a great introduction to simple solar circuitry, easy instructions and supply list, easy to build, and produce useful light for several hours a day or build a system to run your entire home. Not only will it impress your friends and neighbors, but you’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of using clean, renewable energy. In most home settings, it probably won’t save you money, but in other circumstances this system could save you a bundle. If you want lights in a cabin, garage, barn or garden shed that’s far from installed power lines, this project could be far less expensive than hiring professionals to extend standard power to the building.

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