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We know that our future success is linked to our ability to make a positive impact, both locally and around the world. We are committed to sustainable business practices and to supporting our associates in using their talents to make a difference through both big ideas and small details, we’re working to continually improve our social and environmental performance. Our mission is to enhance the quality of our customers’ lives at home. We believe this mission is deeply connected to sustainability.

Every day, we seek to live up to our promise to our customers by offering beautiful, functional nd practical living products. Focusing on great new design to help us discover  solutions to life’s challenges. Offering products that educate and serve our customers, means we can produce a better living environment for everyone. By educating our customers  in living a more deliberate lifestyle we then enable our customers to do the same for friends and loved ones.

Inspirational FB Posting!

Inspirational FB Posting!

Acting responsibly is more than the right thing to do – it is strategic to our bottom line. It also reflects what we care about as a company. We put a premium on listening to our customers and all of our stakeholders, and increasingly they have told us that they, too, care about our social and environmental responsibility. For all of these reasons, sustainability is helping to guide us into the future. As we evolve, we are driving our business performance through sustainable practices in every part of our publishing, including:

  • Incorporating sustainable elements & practices into the design of our content and products offered.
  • Enhancing efficiencies through reductions in energy use, waste and packaging;
  • Collaborating with our suppliers to source more responsible materials, from our artisan’s, editors and consultants.
  • Cultivating economic opportunities for people and diverse cultures around the world by purchasing artisan products and supporting the communities where we operate;

We are moving toward a vibrant future for our business, the environment and communities around the world.1000884_481665571908730_1454391219_n

Our philosophy also extends to how we support our community, as well as our associates and their efforts to create a better world. For us, sustainability must include a focus on people. It helps them thrive both at work and out in the community. It enhances health and well-being. Whether we are raising money to fight childhood diseases, organizing a farmer’s market at the office, or providing paid time for our associates to volunteer, we are working to turn the word “sustainability” into meaningful actions. All of these efforts contribute to our vision for the future. This vision will take ongoing work, and we acknowledge that we have made more progress in some areas than others.

This report marks a milestone – our first communication about our intentions, progress to date, and where we are going. As we move ahead, we will update this report annually – and continue to engage in a conversation about the journey that we are making toward a more sustainable future.

Let us learn from one another, stop grasping at insecurities and grasp for our freedom and liberation from the slavery of oppressive society and corporate bulling, brainwashing and poisoning. Let us remove ourselves from these worldly attachments and evils and grow in the proper spirit of humanity, mother earth and our love and respect for life.

We hope to present articles of interest to gardening, sustainable living and other helpful self help books. We hope to help you create a better, more sustainable life for yourself and your family and our communities.  Please see our inspirational page, Indalo Man, Warriors of the Rainbow.

Namaste’ (“I bow to you.” It is used as a respectful greeting and also to mean “thank you.”)

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~Mother Teresa

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~Mother Teresa

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